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Spring Cleaning Trash Bag Fundraiser

Are you looking for a simple way to earn credit towards your club dues? Participate in our Spring Cleaning Trash Bag Fundraiser.

The process is simple. Download an order form and start collecting orders from family, friends, teachers, businesses, etc. The order form is for your record so you can track and deliver your orders. We highly recommend you make a copy or take a picture of your completed form so you have a backup. Once you have collected all your orders complete the online purchase order form below. Players will hand in purchase order receipt (emailed) plus all money collected in a clearly marked envelope with player name, team, and amount enclosed to their team coach by order deadline. 

Trash Bag Fundraiser Deadline 2/22/2018


How it works...

The trash bags have a set cost ranging from $5-7. Players set the price of their bags to be sold. We typically recommend $10-12 depending on your market. After completing the online processing form below, you will be given the total cost of your trash bags to fill your order. This cost will be deducted from the money you collect and the remainder will be credited to your account.

Amount Collected - Total Cost =  Due Credit

For Example:

Player A sells 10 of the 13 gallon bags at $12, collecting a total of $120. The 13 gallon bags cost $5 each for a total cost of $50. Player A completes the online order form, prints out the emailed purchase order, and hands in all money collected. The $50 cost will be deducted from the $120 collected. The remaining $70 will be credited to Player A's season dues.