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Skyline will not be fielding teams this season

By Skyline Staff 07/01/2019, 6:45pm CDT

After 9 seasons Skyline will not be fielding teams....

In June of 2019, Bobby Hughes, was offered an opportunity to coach at the collegiate level at the University of Iowa. It was an opportunity for his growth and professional development that he could not pass up. 

Over the past 9 seasons, Skyline has been a home for many players and coaches. Many have learned, grown, and moved on from our practice courts. Our staff has been some of the greatest, always working to put forth their best effort. We thank all of you; parents, players, coaches, who have been a part of Skyline over the years and really helped build a great community and club.

Our former owner and Director will be missed. We wish Bobby all the success in his next opportunity of growth.

At this time however, Skyline has decided not to field any teams for the 2019-2020 club season. 

Company Mission

The Skyline Volleyball was formed out of the passion of coaching talented and devoted athletes. The Skyline staff makes it a good habit to continually talk about effective coaching, sports, competition and proper execution to improve their athletes. Skyline takes pride in the enormous progress that their athletes have made in the past and present. The goal of Skyline Volleyball is to be consistent and ever improving for the future.

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